Industrial Electric Heaters, Sensors and Controllers

We, YAGAMI are the specialists in the industrial heating
process. We can design or provide our products to meet
various applications very flexibly. Our policy has been
accepted by many Japanese companies which require
severe qualities for long period. So that ensures we can
satisfy a customer’s need.
Here are some of the markets where our products have
been successfully applied:

*Automobile, Food, Chemical, Polymer,
Semiconductor, Gas Supply and Aircraft Industries.
*Power Generations, Waste Water Treatment,
Solar Cell Production and Oil Supply Systems.
YAGAMI can supply various types of Industrial Electric Heaters, Sensors, Temperature Controllers and
related accessories providing solutions for any process heating requirements or applications.
We can also provide the highest-quality standards which make our customers’ business reliable. Some
of our more popular products include:

*Self-Limiting Heaters, Constant Wattage Heaters, Silicon Panel/Belt/ Code Heaters,
Tape Heaters, MI Heating Cables, Band Heaters, Drum Heaters, Polyimide Flexible Heaters, 
Hose Heaters, Jacket Heaters, Sensors and Temperature Controllers.

Constant wattage heater 

Tape heater

Drum heater
Band heater

Temperature Controller

Self-limiting heater

Jacket heater

Silicon rubber heater

Polyimide flexible heater

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.